Case study

Scoring Goals with Data: OneFootball's Journey to Enhanced Tracking Infrastructure with Avo

“Avo is a disruptive product. I think every company should have it.”

In this case study, we delve into how OneFootball, a German platform-based football media company, revolutionized their data tracking infrastructure and analysis process using Avo. By implementing Avo's comprehensive tracking solution, OneFootball enhanced their data accuracy, streamlined their tech stack, expedited team onboarding process and saved unprecedented time building a solid foundation for accelerated growth and innovation.

The Challenge: Inefficient tracking infrastructure

OneFootball had been grappling with their first and second generation tracking infrastructure that hindered their ability to meet evolving analytics needs. Challenges such as time-consuming processes, error-prone implementation, and limited efficiency prompted the search for a transformative solution. Alberto Miorin, the Head of Data Engineering at OneFootball, recognized the urgency to modernize their tracking infrastructure and sought a tool that could accelerate their progress. 

Alberto Miorin: “Prior to discovering Avo, our tracking infrastructure was in a bad shape.”

Discovering Avo:

As Alberto embarked on a quest to find a game-changing solution that could optimize OneFootball's tracking infrastructure, he got a referral from his network to try out Avo. Even though it took Alberto some time to understand Avo’s solution, he quickly realized that he needed it and decided to buy it. Avo's user-friendly interface, robust code generation, advanced auditing capabilities, and reasonable pricing made it a perfect fit for OneFootball's ambitious goals.

Alberto Miorin: "I think the killer features of Avo are the UI, Codegen, Inspector, the branch system, the review and the auditing. Avo’s sophisticated UI is impossible for us to develop."

The Turning Point - Accelerated Onboarding and Expansion

Alberto shared the significant progress made by implementing almost the entire tracking plan within a month, thanks to Avo's streamlined processes and efficiency. Avo's intuitive interface and collaboration tools paired with the support that Alberto received from his senior project managers allowed OneFootball to experience rapid onboarding and expansion harnessing the true power of Avo.

Alberto Miorin: “Avo has opened a channel between engineers and product people to finally talk with each other without shouting at each other. And they can finally collaborate to come up with a tracking plan that is really working.”

The first squads, encompassing iOS, Android, and web developers, were seamlessly onboarded within a remarkably short period. Opting for a cascading training strategy, OneFootball efficiently onboarded new teams by having an initial group of developers trained by experienced counterparts, who then replicated the training process, expediting overall onboarding without the need for a team-wide training program. This unprecedented time savings provided OneFootball with a solid foundation for accelerated growth.

Alberto Miorin: "By pairing one developer to another, we are able to onboard other six, seven teams to Avo in days, really in days."

Key Features and Value of Avo

Alberto highlighted several key features and the immense value that Avo brought to OneFootball's tracking infrastructure. With OneFootball’s modern composable CDP architecture, Avo seamlessly integrates with Rudderstack, Mixpanel, and Redshift, ensuring consistent data collection enabling accurate insights across platforms. He added that they collect the data with the Avo Codegen, use Avo Inspector, send the data to Rudderstack and with the router to Mixpanel and Redshift.

Alberto Miorin: "So far, we are very happy that the numbers are matching and that there is finally a tracking plan that is consistent."

Alberto also expressed his admiration for Avo's intuitive user interface, sophisticated code generation, and advanced auditing capabilities, which surpassed their expectations and provided significant value to OneFootball's tracking infrastructure.

Recommendations and The Future with Avo:

Alberto emphasized the criticality of Avo's presence in OneFootball's tech stack and encouraged other companies to embrace this groundbreaking tool. He added that Avo is in a new field, solving a new problem that is even difficult to define. Recognizing Avo as a disruptive product, he expressed his confidence that every company should adopt it to overcome the challenges of modern tracking infrastructure.

About OneFootball:

OneFootball operates a popular mobile app that provides live scores, statistics, and news from 200 football leagues in 12 different languages. With a dedicated newsroom in Berlin, OneFootball caters to a global audience of football enthusiasts who rely on the app for up-to-date information and engaging content. OneFootball covers over 100 international soccer leagues and competitions live and in incomparable detail.


Software Development

Company size

201 - 500


Berlin, Germany

Tech stack

Rudderstack, Mixpanel, Redshift and Avo

Key takeaways

  • Enhanced Tracking Infrastructure: OneFootball revolutionized their data tracking infrastructure with Avo, improving efficiency and accuracy.
  • Accelerated Onboarding and Expansion: Avo facilitated rapid onboarding of multiple teams, enabling OneFootball to scale quickly.
  • Improved Data Accuracy and Collaboration: Avo's features such as Codegen, Inspector, branched workflows and auditing enhanced data accuracy and fostered collaboration between teams.
  • Seamless Integration and Value: Avo seamlessly integrated with OneFootball's existing tech stack, providing immense value and reliable data insights.
  • Time and Cost Savings: Avo's streamlined processes and efficient onboarding saved significant time and reduced costs for OneFootball.