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Our mission

We started Avo in 2018 because we believe we can change the way organizations use data to make better decisions for their customers. We’ve been blown away by the impact Avo has had on data quality and developer productivity for our customers. From startups to consumer brands like Rappi, Patreon, TripAdvisor, Sotheby’s, and more, it’s been incredible to see our product fundamentally change the way PMs, devs and data scientists collaborate to plan, track and govern their product analytics.

What is Avo?

Avo is next-generation analytics governance. We’re changing how product managers, developers, and data scientists plan, track, and govern analytics across organizations. Before Avo, teams were forced to choose between product delivery speed and reliable insights. 

By using Avo, Patreon has reclaimed 9 out of every 10 hours they used to spend implementing or fixing analytics, going from 4 days for every feature release, to 1 hour. 

Companies have never had to understand their customers better or faster. Consumers choose the product with the best experience and companies can’t afford to stall product decisions while waiting days or weeks for answers from a centralized BI team. The industry gold standard has become to decentralize business intelligence, so that every team is autonomous in making data-driven decisions quickly. Spotify is just one example of a company working under this org-structure. 

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But data is brittle and bad data leads to incorrect assumptions. With everyone making data-driven decisions, it’s critical to govern data quality, iterate quickly on the product and business, and avoid customer churn. 

We solved this problem ourselves at QuizUp, to ensure engineering and product time wasn’t wasted re-implementing analytics every time we shipped to our 100M users. Avo solves this more permanently as a SaaS platform without diverting precious time from the core product or accruing technical debt. The result is that we’re helping organizations grow by removing friction around analytics governance and implementation.

Avo is scaling with the help of world-class developer and data tool investors

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To build on our momentum, we’ve raised $3M from GGV Capital with participation from Heavybit, Y Combinator and others, to make Avo a game changer for democratizing analytics. 

We are proud of the outstanding team of exceptionally kind, talented, and driven humans on this mission, who we are honored to be working with every day.

Our focus in the coming months is helping more organizations uplevel their analytics governance fast, so they can join the global shift to self-serve analytics culture. We will also continue to focus on developer experience and seamless collaboration between product managers, developers and data scientists – because we don’t want teams to have to choose between product delivery speed and reliable analytics anymore.

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Meet The Team.

Picture of Stefania Olafsdottir
Stefania Olafsdottir
Co-Founder / CEO
Sölvi Logason
Co-Founder / Product & CTO
Thora Gudfinnsdottir
Growth Product Manager
Alexey Verein
Mobile Developer Experience
Hugi Hlynsson
Product Development
/ UX Design
Brynja Huld Oskarsdottir
Chief of Staff
Bragi Bergþórsson
Product Engineer
Björn Ólafur Jóhannsson
Infrastructure Engineer
Andy Carlson
Director of Sales
Klara Arnalds
Product Designer