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For startups and small teams who want to move from spreadsheets to a single source of truth.


Includes 2 editors

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Unlimited comment seats

100k events observed in Inspector

Codegen included for editors

Schema sync to 1 downstream schema registry



For scaleups and data-driven teams who need a configurable tracking plan and data quality workflow.

$250/m billed annually

Includes 5 editors
Add editors: $50 / month / editor

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All of Free, plus...

Unlimited comment seats

100k events observed in Inspector

Codegen and observability plug-ins

5 tracking plan editor seats 

Access to more events observed in Inspector

Codegen-only permissions

Schema sync to up to 5 downstream schema registries


For large organizations needing data quality enforcement, backed by robust security and dedicated support.

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All of Team, plus...

Unlimited comment seats

1M events observed in Inspector

Codegen and observability plug-ins

Enforceable admin approvals

Enforceable data standards

Schema sync to your entire stack

Enterprise-grade security

Premium support

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2 editors

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Collaborative schema management

Tracking plan creation and edits based on live data

Extract your event and property structures from your live tracking to build a single source of truth.

Standardized data conventions

Build a shared event and property library with a global namespace and standardized naming conventions.

Continuous tracking plan audit

Make sure anyone can follow your tracking plan standards. Avo reviews your event and property definitions and flags issues such as unexpected naming or inconsistent types both during data design and review.




Data design feedback

Configure naming conventions for your event and your properties separately. Get instant feedback when designing data that conflicts with conventions or existing data structures.




Advanced data design

Use pinned properties to assign a constant value to a property. Assign allowed property values by source. Customize how your events and properties are sent to different destinations.

Visual event triggers

Document product screenshots to your events to communicate to your team when and where events should be sent.

Branched workflows

Work on multiple tracking plan changes in parallel without introducing conflicts, by branching out from your main tracking plan.

Branch approval workflows

Ask for a review, request and approve changes to your tracking plan, just like you do with your code.

Protected branches

Configure what kind of members can make changes to the main branch and under what circumstances.

Advanced protection

Schema sync

Automatically sync your Avo tracking plan with Mixpanel Lexicon, Amplitude Data, Segment Protocols or your own webhook.

1 destination

5 destinations


Data observability and monitoring

Inspector event volume

Unlock continuous observability of your event instrumentation, both in development and production and immediately uncover and get alerted on new issues.

100K events/month

100k events/month
Access to additional volume

1M events/month
Access to additional volume

Continuous tracking health check

Be notified of new data contract violations. Spot duplicate events, uncover type inconsistencies and easily pinpoint the platform and version responsible.

Automatic alerts tailored to each team

Customize your alerts so that each team is notified on issues with the events they care about.

Issue management and regression monitoring

Collaborate on managing your issues by urgency and mark fixed issues as resolved. Inspector will alert you if they resurface.

Fast & Accurate Implementation

Avo Codegen

Wrap your existing analytics SDKs to unlock error-proof and type-safe implementation.

Codegen access for non-Editors

Give access to the powers of Codegen to anyone and everyone involved in tracking implementation. Charged per monthly active non-Editor pulling code.

Implementation status per branch

Enable your whole team to monitor the status of the implementation of every tracking plan update in dev, staging and production.

CI/CD and Command Line Interface

Generate code, automatically resolve merge conflicts and automate QA processes

Mobile and Web debuggers

Visualize, validate and inspect events in your app as they are sent

Security & Support

Activity log

Follow updates and activity in your workspace in real time.

Audit logs

Delight your security team with detailed audit logs.


Use an identity provider to manage the access of Avo users.

SOC2 type 2 report annually

Avo offers AICPA System and Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type 2 reports annually.


Get the right level of support for your team

Standard Support

Priority Support

Dedicated Customer
Success Manager