Data Quality: Avoiding pitfalls before they’re a problem

15:00 GMT
50 mins
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Deal with Data Quality before it becomes problematic

Spoiler! Setting your data up correctly from the start is a proactive cross-functional team sport, not a reactive problem the analyst should deal with.

Join us on October 10th @ 8AM PDT/ 17:00 CET to learn how to avoid common pitfalls in data quality from industry leaders from Avo, Mixpanel and Human37.

In this workshop we’ll discuss

Product data complexity and common pitfalls
How to set up things correctly from the start
Data Ownership
Importance of engineering Buy-in

Hosted by:

Picture of Stefania Olafsdottir
Stefanía Ólafsdóttir
Co-Founder and CEO of Avo
Vijay Iyengar
Director of Product at Mixpanel
Glenn Vanderlinden
Co-Founder at Human37
In collaboration with