Product Announcement: New and Improved Docs
Valtýr Örn Kjartansson

Valtýr Örn Kjartansson

August 26, 2020

Product Announcement: New and Improved Docs

One of our guiding principles at Avo is to make our customers' lives easier. We achieve this by creating tools that let our customers focus on shipping features instead of losing sleep over bad analytics. We do realize though that there's an intrinsic cost to introducing a new tool to one's workflow, namely its barrier to entry and the required learning curve.

Since Avo's launch, we've been hyper-focused on minimizing our product's adoption cost by building features such as the Inspector and the Implementation page in the Avo workspace. And in keeping with this mission, we've now finally had a chance to update... the Avo docs!

Introducing: our new and improved documentation!

At the start of the summer, we sat down and laid out a vision for what our docs could be. We looked to our favorite developer tools for inspiration and set ambitious goals. We were also conscious of making sure they would be easy to maintain internally so you could trust you were getting the best information at any given time.

We're very excited to release this first iteration of our new docs, an integral part of making sure we're servicing you and your team in the best way possible

Here's what we did:

  • The documentation is now more readable and easier to navigate!
    We made sure information is presented in a standardized way.
  • Read our docs on your phone!
    It's all mobile-friendly.
  • Our code blocks are now smarter.
    We've updated our syntax highlighting and added a button to copy the contents. In terminal code blocks this only copies input lines 🤯

Do you love them as much as we do? Great, they're open source!

  • Our documentation is now open source! This means it's easy for you to suggest updates and raise issues.
    Check out the "Edit this page on GitHub" button at the bottom of each article.
  • We rebuilt our docs stack from the ground up, using tools that are more flexible, safer, and allow for an extremely fast iteration cycle.
    To make sure you're getting the right information, always!
  • We've created tooling that helps us prevent common mistakes in our MDX files and enforce consistency.
    To make it easier for our employees and users to dive in and make edits with confidence.

This update lays the groundwork for us to continue iterating on our documentation and keep showing it even more love over the next few weeks and months. So keep an eye out! We still have many improvements lined up.

We hope these new docs will not only support our existing users but also help spread our ideology and mission to a wider audience.

What are you waiting for?
Check out the all-new Avo docs at