Optimize Your Event-Driven Infrastructure with RudderStack and Avo
Andy Carlson

Andy Carlson

December 13, 2021

Optimize Your Event-Driven Infrastructure with RudderStack and Avo

Now it’s even easier to plan, implement, and govern your event-driven infrastructure. RudderStack’s plug-and-play data pipelines make it easy to stream real-time behavioral data from your websites and apps directly to any destination in your stack. With Avo, you can seamlessly govern your RudderStack implementation and optimize your analytics workflows. 

The power of event-driven data infrastructure with RudderStack

Digital disruptors know success requires a deep understanding of the customer and the ability to adapt digital products based on customer insights in real time. Behavioral, or event, data is the key that unlocks this granular understanding, and when it comes to behavioral data, the right tooling makes all the difference. RudderStack has recently released its Tracking Plan API to support higher quality event tracking.

Ship analytics faster without compromising data quality with Avo

Avo is next-generation analytics governance. We’re changing how product managers, developers, and data scientists plan, track, and govern analytics across organizations. Before Avo, teams were forced to choose between product delivery speed and reliable insights. 

RudderStack and Avo are better together

Leveraging your data fast enough requires data quality. Avo’s tracking plan management and developer tools enable developers to collaborate with product managers and data managers to implement analytics data 10x faster with better data quality. With RudderStack, you can easily collect, transform, and route all your customer data to over 150 different marketing, product, and analytics applications with just one snippet of code. Avo enables developers to get detailed instructions on how to implement RudderStack events and data validation tools to validate that the implementation is according to spec. Let’s take a look at the different use cases.

Avo replaces the tracking plan spreadsheet and serves as the source of truth for your RudderStack tracking plan. Avo also provides more advanced features such as the ability to include descriptions and screenshots with events to give your team greater detail alongside your RudderStack data. The cherry on top: You can publish your tracking plan schema directly into RudderStack to keep everything in sync.

The Avo Inspector helps you understand the current state of your RudderStack implementation. With this tool, users can set up real-time alerts for issues in data that is sent to RudderStack. This helps teams immediately catch if an unexpected event or property is pushed into production.

Implement your analytics events with Avo Functions to get the state-of-the-art type-safe analytics implementation experience

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