New in Avo: Saved views and more filters in the Inspector issues view
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Thora Gudfinnsdottir

Thora Gudfinnsdottir

June 28, 2023

New in Avo: Saved views and more filters in the Inspector issues view

Stay up-to-date with Avo's latest advancements in data observability, empowering you to optimize your tracking and analysis workflows for enhanced data-driven insights. For the last couple of months, we’ve been refining the Inspector Issues view and adding even more functionality. But that's not all - there's still more to come (see a sneak peak on the end of this blog)!

We've also been fine-tuning the smaller details, addressing bug fixes, and implementing improvements along the way ✨

Keep scrolling to learn about:

→ Saved Views in Inspector Issues 💾

→ Filters for categories and tags in Inspector Issues 🔎

→ Effortless Unarchiving with the Command Palette 🗃️

→ Property Bundles (FKA Property Groups) 💐

→ Google Tag Manager and Go Inspector SDKs ⚙️

🎉 Saved Views in Inspector Issues 💾

We're thrilled to introduce the latest updates to Inspector Issues: Saved Views. Building upon the filterable issues view, we're taking it a step further to enable you to quickly access and easily share your filtered views with your team

Here's how it works:

1. Filter and customize: Take advantage of the powerful filtering and sorting capabilities of our Inspector Issues view.

2. Save your view: Once you've configured your filters to perfection, simply save the view. Give it a meaningful name that captures its purpose, making it easy for you and your team to identify and access it later on.

3. Fine-tune and save – or reset: Need to make tweaks to your saved view? No problem! You have the flexibility to adjust the filters within a saved view and save the changes to your original view, as a new view or reset them if you change your mind.

4. Get an overview: To manage your Saved Views efficiently, you can access all of them from the main navigation on your left in Avo, with an overview of how many issues they contain, who updated them last and when.

Save filtered view in Inspector Issues

Learn more about Saved Views in our docs ➡️

This will definitely change our workflow around fixing broken events – because right now we have absolutely no way to build a reliable workflow around this. I’m super positive about this feature. Jacopo Chiapparino, Heading Data Engineering @ Wolt

Filters for categories and tags in Inspector Issues 🔎

Next, we're excited to unveil some powerful new filters in Inspector issues: categories and tags.

Teams often use tags and categories to more effectively organize their tracking plans. Based on valuable feedback from our users, we’ve added the ability to filter Inspector issues by tags and categories, enabling you to save custom views based on a set of events represented by categories and tags.

Filters for categories and tags

Learn more about filtering Inspector issues in our docs ➡️

Effortless Unarchiving with the Command Palette 🗃️

Managing your archived items seamlessly is essential for maintaining an organized and efficient workflow. Recently we introduced a new Unarchive functionality, accessible right from the Command Palette, to enhance your item management experience.

With the Unarchive functionality, retrieving any previously archived item, whether it's an event, property, metric, or more, has never been easier. Here's how:

1. Open the Command Palette by pressing cmd+k on Mac or ctrl+k on Windows.

2. Choose "Unarchive" from the menu.

3. Search for the item you want to unarchive by name or browse by item type (event, property, metric, etc.).

Unarchive menu

Read more about restoring from archive in our docs ➡️

Property Bundles (FKA Property Groups) 💐

TLDR: We've renamed Property Groups to Property Bundles for clarity and ease of understanding.

In the early days of Avo, we introduced Property Groups to Avo's tracking plan feature. They revolutionized the way you define sets of properties that commonly are added to events together, saving you time and ensuring consistency. However, when Avo started supporting analytics destinations' group properties, confusion arose between these two terms. This confusion not only caused miscommunication within our team but also created unnecessary hurdles for new users.

Introducing: Property Bundles (noun) 🎉

→ a collection of things or quantity of material tied or wrapped up together.

We have decided to rename Property Groups as Property Bundles to reduce confusion and provide a clearer understanding of their purpose. The term "bundle" conveys the idea of grouping related items together, offering convenience and ease of use.

Learn more about property bundles in our docs ➡️

Introducing Google Tag Manager and Go Inspector SDKs ✨

By popular demand, we’ve added support for installing Inspector with Google Tag Manager and added an SDK for Go sources. In addition to all our other sources,  now you can add observability to events sent from Google Tag Manager and Go backends to surface existing issues with those events and receive alerts for new issues that come up.

And by installing the Inspector through GTM, you get all that without needing time from a developer!

To get started, head to your Avo workspace and create or find your Go or GTM source, open the Inspector Setup tab and follow the installation instructions. 

Learn how to install the Inspector with GTM ➡️

Learn how to install the Inspector on GO ➡️

🔮 Sneak Peek: Exciting features on the horizon!

Get ready for some game-changing features that will take your data observability in Avo to new heights. Here's a glimpse of what's coming:

→ Alerts for Saved Views: Stay in the loop

Create saved views with specific filters in the Issues view and receive real-time alerts when new issues match those filters. Keep your team informed by inviting them to the dedicated Slack channel for each saved view.

Being able to narrow down issues for specific events & getting alerts for just those issues in a Slack channel will be magical. This saves a lot of time in having to audit the event, realize something is wrong, contact whoever needs to know about it and so on. I just know that if something breaks I'll be alerted, and my whole team as well. -> → María José Mirafuentes, Product Manager @ Bisto

Stay tuned for updates on these exciting features, coming soon! 🤩

Other bug fixes 🐞 and improvements 🚤

🚤 Add primitive search to the members sections

🚤 Make Issues primary view of Inspector

🚤 Add reset button when there are active filters in Inspector Issues

🚤 Reflecting Issue filters in URL

🚤 Improve string filtering in issues

🚤 Saved Views moved from modal to sidebar

🚤 Draft mode for saved views

🚤 Add Saved Views to CmdK registry

🚤 Add search to issue filters

🚤 Add Import and Workspace Settings to Command Palette

🚤 Prevent users being able to choose an empty source name or one which already exists

🐞 Fix bug that could cause network errors to cause partial merges of big branches (branches with thousands of changes)

🐞Add missing activity logs for unarchive

🐞Prevent partial pull when thousands of changes are being pulled in from main

🐞Fix a bug where comment-only users could not update branch state

🐞Fix group analytics representation in Pseudocode

🐞Fix a bug causing you not being able to get rid of pull main prompt by pulling

🐞 Fix removal of inspector issue Slack notification on the same channel as workspace notifications removing both and vice versa

🐞Fix a bug in property bundle input for search didn’t return any results


🚤 Group analytics support in Ruby

🚤 Avo CLI version 3.2.7 is out!

🚤 Reuse properties in the swift logger

🚤 Reduce Swift codegen size

🚤 Reduce Kotlin codegen size

🚤 Various major improvements in Ruby codegen

🚤 Support nested name mapping in kt

🚤 Send null properties everywhere

🚤 Use reduced sized TS codegen in all new workspaces

Your feedback helps us improve Avo every day! We're always grateful for your input, so let us know your thoughts and suggestions for what we should build next by opening the chat bubble in the bottom right corner.