New in Avo: Custom Inspector alerts
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Sölvi Logason

Sölvi Logason

October 5, 2023

New in Avo: Custom Inspector alerts

As we ride the back-to-school momentum and cozy up for the candle season just around the corner, we've been busy fine-tuning the Avo experience to make your data journey even smoother, with a specific focus on helping you prioritize and fix your most important Inspector issues.

Grab your favorite fall beverage, maybe light that new candle, and scroll on to discover what's been brewing at Avo in the last month 🍂

🔔 Custom Inspector alerts (beta)

There are commonly a LOT of issues that are surfaced by the Inspector – some are absolutely critical and need immediate attention and others don’t need to be acted on now (or ever). You (as in our dear Avo users 👐) have been spending a lot of valuable time discerning between the two, and we’re excited to remove that hurdle on your way to better data quality.

So we’re excited to announce that we’ve released a new feature in a closed beta: “Custom Inspector Alerts”. It enables you to define parameters for issues that you do want to monitor closely, and set up Slack alerts for only those issues. This means that you can set up alerts for…

  • All new issues for specific events and/or properties
  • All new issues on events that belong to a particular category or tag
  • All new issues (or a narrowed down subset) received from a specific data source
  • All new issues of a certain type (e.g. expected property missing)
  • Or combine the above to get even more granular

This ensures that the right people get notified immediately for issues relevant to them, without the noise of issues that you don’t care about.

The feature is fully functional with the caveat that there might always be some kinks to smooth out 😇. Therefore, we’re releasing this in a closed beta, and we would love to invite you to try it out (reach out over any channel you prefer with a quick “please let me into the custom alerts beta” to opt in). 🙌

🔕 Temporarily ignore Inspector issues (beta)

Ever merged an Avo branch and been flooded with Inspector issues from older release versions? Now, you can ignore them until your updates are live!

When you merge a branch that contains changes that could trigger issues from older release versions, you can now configure a temporary ignore:

  • Ignore until version…
  • Ignore until latest version on branch merge
  • Ignore until next version on branch merge
  • Ignore until time…
  • Ignore until one hour after branch merge
  • Ignore until 24 hours after branch merge
  • Don’t ignore

Seeing unwanted issues after merging your Avo branches? Talk to us (reach out over any channel you prefer with a quick “please let me into the ignore issues beta” to opt in).

Other bug fixes (🐞) and improvements (🚤) Inspector Issues improvements

🐞 Fix displaying of issue types in hover over active filters

🐞 Fix button text going into two lines in Saved Views

🚤 Adding to copy in Inspector Issues header, now says All issues (x issues)

🚤 Update filters in Inspector Issues View as you select them. Previously you would have to click outside the filter or click ‘Done’. Now they just update as you click.

🚤 Display resolved issue when user follows a link to it

🚤 Improve truncated strings in Inspector Issues table, adding title property to the elements so that on hover an element appears with the full string

🚤 Allowing Issue types to flow into two lines in the table

🚤 Send intro/outro messages upon connecting/disconnecting Inspector alerts on a Slack channel Other improvements

🚤 Enable archiving a property bundle without removing it from all events first

🚤 Google Tag Manager setup instructions in Inspector setup UI


🐞 Fix a bug causing Segment Protocols publish fail when publish payload reached a certain size

🐞 Remove default `maxLength` string validation from Snowplow publishing and add missing `schemaType` key to context object


🚤 On demand support of Fetch API in TypeScript + Node

🚤 Support for Group analytics on Javascript + Web 

🐞 Fix missing comma in JS code snippets

🐞 Fix comments in Python code snippets

🚤 Update Python Codegen destination interface examples and add Python + Mixpanel example

Stay tuned for more updates on these exciting features, coming soon! Your feedback helps us improve Avo every day! We're always grateful for your input, so let us know your thoughts and suggestions for what we should build next by opening the chat bubble in the bottom right corner.