New in Avo: Build and edit your tracking plan based on existing tracking
Sölvi Logason

Sölvi Logason

December 14, 2022

New in Avo: Build and edit your tracking plan based on existing tracking

Here are some highlights of the product updates we’ve been shipping in the past few weeks. From speeding up event and property creation with Inspector, to auto-correct for event and property names, in addition to a looong list of other bug fixes and improvements ⛵️

Keep scrolling for more details on what we’ve been shipping 👇

Build and edit your tracking plan based on existing tracking 🪄

The Inspector monitors your app's event tracking schema and compares it to the tracking plan to ensure that all events and properties are being sent correctly.

In many cases, the Inspector may detect events and properties that are missing from the tracking plan. Previously, adding these events and properties manually to the tracking plan was time-consuming and required multiple browser windows to keep context.

With the new "Add Event from Inspector" feature, users can create an event along with all its detected properties with just one click from the Inspector dashboard.

📹 Demo time:

Learn more about adding events and properties from Inspector in our docs ->

Add events to the Tracking Plan directly from the Inspector dashboard

Auto-correct for event and property names

From now on Avo will automatically suggest an auto-correction to your event and property names, to make sure they fit the casing rules you’ve configured for your workspace.

Auto-correct is built on top of the Tracking Plan Audit, which allows you to enforce data design rules across your tracking plan, and flag any discrepancies in your data designs.

Learn more about the tracking plan audit in our docs ->

Event name auto-correct

Other bug fixes (🐞) and improvements (🚤)
🚤 Simplify the event details view by collapsing sources and property bundles by default

🚤 Display confirm dialog before archiving an event that’s on one or more metrics

🚤 More subtle property presence editing from events

🚤 Add documentational tooltips to the app in event and property details

🚤 Let users know when they create their first property on an event that it’s reusable

🚤 Add image placeholder for triggers so that it is more evident that triggers are essentially images

🚤 Make disabled destinations more clear on sources in event details

🚤 Update importer to be able to handle property enumeration updates

🚤 Improve whether to automatically check Include in Codegen or not

🚤 Remove cmd+f shortcut for Inspector dashboard search

🐞 Fix duplicating an event feeling slow because it was waiting for server roundtrip

🐞 Fix “+Add Property” being hidden behind “+Add Rule” button on property that was just made an object property

🐞 Fix a bug causing incorrect system property presence to be shown in event details

🐞 Fix overflowing sources and descriptions in triggers list in event details

🐞 Fix custom action routing when selecting an existing branch in the main-branch-editing modal

🐞 Fixed a bug where you couldn’t view your previously closed branches if you didn’t have any open branches

🐞 Fix a bug where branch overview was not updated when a branch was merged or deleted

🐞 Fix a bug where you could merge the same branch twice

🐞 Update activity log message for the property added  action

🐞 Clean up presence config when property is removed from an event

🐞 Stop closing modals if click isn’t directly on the backdrop, for example when selecting text inside the modal and releasing the mouse on the backdrop

🐞 Plastering performance hit when using keyboard to close drawer


🚤 .Net6 compatibility

🚤 Support pinned props in Java

🐞 Fix warnings in Objective-C

🐞 Improve destination interface in Node+Typescript

🐞 Release Avo CLI 3.2.3 with a fix for switching to the main branch when running avo pull

🐞 Support anonymous id in Node.js + Typescript when using the destination interface

🐞 Fix a bug when object properties were filtered out from codegen if not used outside of objects

🐞 Fix type bugs for web debugger in TypeScript

🐞 Fix type bugs for env in TypeScript


🚤 Optimize Snowplow publishing integration for manual export

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Thanks for your support!

Love from the product team @ Avo 💛