Introducing The Right Track podcast and community

April 7, 2021

Introducing The Right Track podcast and community

Our team at Avo has spent the past several years obsessing over how different companies use data. We’ve all been in the trenches trying to make sense of the data. We know what it’s like to overcome data mistrust. And we have felt the pain of having to unwind the damage caused by poor data practices.

We know there has to be a better way. We also know it’s more than a tools problem. It’s also a human problem.

That’s why today, we’re introducing The Right Track podcast and community. A place for us to discuss how to build better data cultures. No matter where you are in your data journey, we invite you to be a part of it at


The Right Track podcast, hosted by our very own Stef Olafsdottir, features conversations with product, data and engineering leaders. Each episode deep dives into how a company is working with data to improve how product decisions are made. We have a spectacular line up of episodes including interviews with John Cutler of Amplitude, Maura Church of Patreon and Nick Threapleton of Culture Amp.

Listen and subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts or anywhere you listen to podcasts.


The Slack community is a space to speak candidly about both challenges and wins. Channels include #how-we-work and #share-your-stack. Join us there to ask questions and share resources

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For those of you who prefer to tune in live, we have a new community calendar with upcoming events and workshops. Some of the exciting things coming up include:

  • Data Dish: Our Weekly Data Audio Chat (Every Thursday) Join us for a casual audio chat about data every Thursday! We vote on topics and talk through the topics with the most votes.
  • Workshop: How to Track Your Next Release (Thu, April 15) Learn how to define the analytics tracking for your next release with this interactive workshop. We’ll cover tracking principles, defining events and naming conventions.
  • Fireside Chat with Maura Church (Wed, April 28) The incredible Maura Church joins us for a fireside chat about the data stories we tell ourselves. (Maura is an upcoming guest on the podcast!)


Getting started with analytics can be intimidating. Whether you’re getting going for the first time or you’re starting a new role, it’s daunting to have to build all the tooling out you need to be successful. 

On our new community website, you’ll find some starter tracking plans for different product flows. We hope they come in useful as you consider how to structure your analytics plan or as you add new tracking. This is just the beginning. Stay tuned as we build out more resources you can use on the job. Let us know what else you’d find useful and let us know if you’re interested in contributing a resource.

The Right Track community is here to remind you that there are many people all over the world going through what you’re going through. Building great data culture takes time, but together we can make it a bit easier.

We hope to see you soon in the Slack or at an event. Join us over at!